Eustice Miller
Eustice Miller
Name Eustice Miller
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Relatives Randy Miller
First appearance How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying
Voiced by David Herman

Eustice Miller was a recurring character in the earlier seasons of King of the Hill. He was a nerdy man who worked as a patent lawyer, and had a son named Randy. His wife was never seen nor mentioned in the series. Eustice thought he was better than everyone else and constantly bragged to Hank about how he was a better father. Neither Hank, Dale, Bill, or Boomhauer cared for him, and Dale was fond of calling him "useless".

He last appeared in a speaking role in "Unfortunate Son" in which he purchases a Nazi canoe from the VFW. Cotton claimed belonged to Adolf Hitler for a hiking trip, saying that he will have to remove the swastikas. Cotton is very reluctant to give it to him, and upon realizing he has a Japanese made car, he chases him furiously with a bayonet. He would then only appear in non-speaking cameos after that.

OOTH (73)

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