Eric Dauterive
OOTH (5)
Name Eric Dauterive
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Job Unknown
Relatives Bill Dauterive (Son)
Mrs.Dauterive (Wife)
Lenore Dauterive (Ex-Daughter-in-law)
Violetta Dauterive (Niece, deceased)
Gilbert Dauterive (Nephew)
Girac Dauterive (Nephew, deceased)

Rene Dautrive (Niece)
Esme Dauterive (Sister-in-law, deceased)
Alphonse Dauterive (Brother, deceased)

First appearance The Order of the Straight Arrow
Voiced by

Eric Dauterive is the father of Bill Dauterive.


Eric is described as abusive man and is largely responsible for the emotional instability his possesses to this day but for some reason Bill looks back on it with nostalgia. Eric spanked his son from the ages of nine to sixteen, placed him girls clothing calling him such and locking him a rabbit hutch.

While Bill can be happy when talking about the abuse he suffered, he sometimes gets sad at some of the events at one point calling his father a "bastard" when the subject was brought up.

Eric is said to still be alive in The Final Shinsult but slowing down in his old years hinted at by a comment from Bill as he stated he practically had to hold the hunting rifle. At some point, Eric died as Bill once stated he can throw a party as his parents weren't even alive. This is confirmed in Blood and Sauce when Bill's cousin Gilbert Dauterive states he and Bill are the last remnants of their family.


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