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Enrique is a good-natured Hispanic truck driver at Strickland Propane.

History and PersonalityEdit

When he first appears, he is a much more soft-spoken character, and it is implied that he came to work in the United States to support his family back home- although later episodes clearly depict his family as living in Arlen (perhaps he sent for them once he had made enough money, though). In later appearances, his manner of speaking changes entirely and he becomes a loud-mouth, annoying member of the Strickland Propane family - though he's still a good man with well-meaning intentions. In "Enrique-cilable Differences," Hank and Enrique had hardly ever talked to each other before, much to Hank's satisfaction, but suddenly Enrique forcibly befriends Hank after a nasty fight with his wife. Enrique ends up moving in with the Hills for a short time, but quickly patches things up with his wife after a fed-up Hank kicks him out. He thinks the world of Hank, even asking him to speak at his daughter's quinceanera instead of Buck Strickland. Enrique has made several appearances over the entirety of the show's run.

He was voiced by Eloy Casadoes from 1997-1998, and by Danny Trejo from 2002-2009.

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