Jon Vitti Presents Return to La Grunta

Duke the Dolphin was the star at Dolphin Encounter at La Grunta Hotel, and only appeared in "Jon Vitti Presents: Return to La Grunta".


At first, Hank enjoys his encounter with him, stroking his white belly, which blushes pink. Shortly thereafter, Duke the Dolphin attacked Hank, and then dragged him underwater, trying to mate with him. Duke attacked Bill the same way six years and four years ago. When Hank returned the merchandise he was payed off with, Duke's trainer asked Hank if he wanted money or publicity, only Hank refused the payoff, and that he wanted no one else to go through what he went through. Duke's trainer told Hank "You signed the agreement. Our lawyers will do what it takes to protect the good name of La Grunta.", then Hank stormed off, leaving Duke's trainer to ask Duke "Why must you speak through guys like him? Why is it never me?" Hank saw the golfer stuffing money down Luanne’s cleavage. Outraged, Hank lifted the golfer in his arms, carrying him off and dumped him into the pool, where the golfer is attacked by Duke the Dolphin in front of a crowd of people. In the end, Duke was relocated to the ocean, where he will find a female dolphin to mate with.

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