Dream Weaver
Season 12, Episode 9
Air date December 16, 2007
Written by Jennifer Barrow
Directed by Ken Wong
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The Minh Who Knew Too Much
Doggone Crazy

Dream Weaver is the two hundred-twenty-second episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on December 16, 2007. The episode was written by Jennifer Barrow, and directed by Ken Wong.


Nancy, fed up with Dale's lack of income contribution to the household, asks Dale to find a new job. Peggy provides Dale with a brochure that lists "Vocation Vacations" for individiuals to explore technical skills in a particular career. Hank lets Dale choose which vocation he would like to participate in, and unfortuately, Dale ends up choosing basket weaving. Hank ends up going with Dale to the basket weaving school, and surprisingly, Hank ends up not only excelling at the skill, but enjoying it. However, Dale's performs terribly and ends up catching the rest of the class making fun of him. Dale, in revenge, tries to kill Hank with a forklift. Hank survives and ends up convincing the class to pretend there's a bug infestation, in turn allowing Dale to "destroy" the infestation and restore his confidence. The other members of the class are impressed by Dale's work and outfit and want to learn more about extermination. Dale ends up creating his own "vocation vacation" business where he has students shadowing him during his exterminations.

In the second plot of the episode, Bill wears a cowboy hat and it miraculously flies off his head onto Kahn's head. The gang, including Peggy, try to recreate the act on a video, but end up failing miserably.

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