Name Donna
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Job accountant of the Strickland Propane
First appearance "Lost in MySpace"
Voiced by Pamela Adlon

Donna (the second) is an accountant at Strickland Propane. She is almost always dressed in a purple blouse. Donna is voiced by Pamela Segall.

In Lost in MySpace, Donna, was promoted to assistant manager of Strickland Propane but was later fired for causing a flash mob at the business and causing Buck to be assaulted by a group of her online friends. After her firing, she vowed "Death to Strickland", until Hank and his co-workers confronted her at Goobersmooches. She revealed that she never felt used to her potential at Strickland. She later got her accountant job back after an offer from Buck Strickland.


  • There have been two characters named Donna working at Strickland Propane throughout the run of the series. The first Donna was seen in Meet the Propaniacs.



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