Doggie is the Souphanousinphone's White Highland Terrier. He was a major plot point in the episode "Dances With Dogs", as Bobby's dance partner.

Dog Dancing

After Hank forbids Bobby from dancing with Ladybird, Bobby needs a partner for the dog dancing competition. He convinces Kahn to let him use Doggie, a cute, scruffy West Highland Terrier, but he has to clean up Doggie's poop from Kahn's yard (Which Bobby describes as "poo like a buffalo"). He and Bobby then practice in the shadows, to prevent Hank from stealing their material. At the contest, he and Bobby do a an upbeat dance. They take second place, Hank and Ladybird slow-dance and do not place. Doggie is last seen in this episode with Bobby holding him on the podium.

The name of the episode is a parody of the name of a book (Dances with Wolves).


  • When he is first introduced, Doggie and Ladybird run off and Hank mistakenly thinks Kahn has served everyone dog at the BBQ Kahn had hosted.
  • He and Bobby competed against Hank and Ladybird in the Dog Dancing competition.
  • He becomes Bobby's dance partner for the competition for the price of cleaning up his poop from Kahn's front yard.
  • During the dance competition, he and Bobby wear matching purple glittery hats and suits.


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