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Doc Platter
Doc Platter
Name Doc Platter
Gender Male
Hair White
Age 70
Job Teacher
Relatives Peggy Hill (daughter) Hoyt Platter (son) Hank Hill (son-in-law) Maddy Platter (wife) Bobby Hill (maternal grandson) Luanne Platter (paternal granddaughter) Gracie Kleinschmidt (great-granddaughter) Leanne Platter (ex-daughter in law) Lucky Kleinschmidt (grandson-in-law)
First appearance A Rover Runs Through It
Voiced by Mike Judge, Harrison Ford

Doc Platter is Peggy's and Hoyt's father, Maddy's husband, Bobby's maternal grandfather, Luanne's paternal grandfather, and Gracie's great-grandfather. In earlier episodes, Doc was implied to be deceased as he was never seen or mentioned. In "A Rover Runs Through It", Doc was depicted as a wise old cowboy who mainly spoke in seemingly nonsensical phrases which Hank found inspiring.


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