The Dauterive Family is a wealthy Cajun family living in the South. They are of Creole heritage. Bill is a member of the household.


The Dauterive Family live in the South, and were a once wealthy family and very numerous in numbers. But by the time the series had aired, the family had become a middle class, and most of the family were dead. By the end of the series, Bill and his cousin Gilbert are the only family members left. According to Gilbert, half of the clan is infertile, and the other half is deceased, imposters claiming to be dauterives, and in the asylums. The family lives at a manor called Chateau Dauterive, however Gilbert sold it.


Bill DauteriveHank Hill's neighbor and one of his friends. Is usually depressed and miserable. Works as a barber for the military. Bill is one of the last relatives of the family. His full name is William Fontaine De La Tour Dauterive.

Gilbert DauteriveBill's first cousin, and one of the last relatives of the family. He is the stereotype of southern families, and it is hinted he is a homosexual. He shows no pity towards Bill and is cold-hearted.

Esme DauteriveBill's aunt, and Gilbert's mother. She is the head of the family, and wants Bill to carry on the family blood line. She was disappointed that Bill had no heirs. According to gilbert, she dies of fever.

Alphonse Dauterive: Gilbert's father and Bill's elderly paternal uncle. He is the older brother of Bill's father, and the former head of the family. He eventually lost his mind, and according to his wife Esme, he usually wanders around the house. According to Gilbert, Alphonse died in his sleep, possibly because of his old age.

Girac Dauterive: Bill's cousin and Gilbert's deceased brother.

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