Cissy Cobb
Name Cissy Cobb
Gender Female
Hair Orange
Job Boggle Champion
Relatives Brent Cobb (Husband)
First appearance Peggy the Boggle Champ
Voiced by Laurie Metcalf

Cissy Cobb (right) with Peggy and Cissy's husband and coach.

Cissy Cobb is a character who makes an appearance in the episode "Peggy the Boggle Champ."


Cissy is a Boggle Champion of Dallas for seven non-consecutive years. Almost immediately she has a hatred towards Peggy. She makes fun of her jacket in their first encounter and refers to her as 'Patches" from then on; this is due to the numerous patches that Peggy's jacket has on it. In Peggy's first round at the tournament she is faced against Cobb. Nervous playing against her, Peggy freezes up losing to Cobb with a score of 73-0.

Cobb and Peggy face each other once again in the finals. Peggy only needs 10 points to win the match. Cobb looks at what Peggy's last word is and sees she wrote "aint." She claims that "aint" is not a word and therefore she think she has won. However the word turns out to be "acquaintanceship" making Peggy the winner. Cobb is seen crying with her husband yelling at her for being a loser.



  • Her laugh is pretty ugly.

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