Chops Steakhouse is a steakhouse restaurant in McMaynerberry. This restaurant is seen in the episode To Sirloin with Love where Hank and Bobby have dinner. This is a fine dining steakhouse restaurant which serves breadsticks while waiting for your food, and they claim that they use the finest beef in the county.


To Sirloin with Love

After Dale suggested to Hank to take Bobby to dinner since they will be left alone since Peggy will be going to Minh's for ladies game night, Hank mentions to Dale, Bill, Boomhauer, and Lucky in the alley that he always wanted to try that new steakhouse that opened in McMaynerberry which is Chops Steakhouse if there is no live music. When Bobby and Hank get their steaks, Bobby begins to critique his steak in front of the server claiming that their steak is not "prime", which leads to the server claiming that they use the finest beef in the county, and the server asking for their manager. A man at the table sitting next to them, Roger Stiles who is a Professor of Meat Science at Heimlich County Junior College, and the coach of their Meat Examination Team is impressed with Bobby's knowledge, and is offered an invitation to their team, which Bobby accepts. Roger Stiles claims that he comes every night to the steakhouse to find the missing link to their Meat Examination Team with passion since everyone in his team is booklearning, and found it with Bobby. 

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