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Charlie Fortner is the president of the Texas Association of Propane Dealers. He appeared in Meet the Propaniacs,
Charlie Fortner

Charlie Fortner

where he was an audience member in a Propanics show. He would then be forced against his will to perform in the show, where Joe Jack dressed as a baby asked him for a new diaper after his falls off. As Fortner tries to get off the stage, Hank, as Gas Cop, frisks him and, much to his shock, discovers that Fortner wears adult diapers. Later on, Fortner yells at Hank, thinking everyone knows about his wearing diapers, despite being an innocent coincidence. He would then threaten to fire Hank if the shows continued, bringing in an end to the comedy group, though they did try to play in a mall, where his influences could not reach.

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