Name Caleb
Gender Male
Hair Light-Brown
Relatives Jim (father)
Lila (mother)
First appearance "Hank's Bully"
Voiced by Paul Butcher

Caleb is the 10-year old son of new neighbors that moved in. He is the main antagonist in Hank's Bully. In the episode, he bullies Hank in various ways, such as playing around in his workshop, riding his bike on Hank's lawn and taunting him with the song, "Dusty ol' bones, full of green dust". Hank tried to discipline him by taking his bike away, but his parents called the cops on him and he was forced to give the bike back. His parents, Jim and Lila, do nothing, thinking he's just being creative. Deciding to fight fire with fire, Hank declares war on Caleb's parents by asking Bobby to deliberately startle them with poppers, spill their garbage cans and steal Jim's hat. They tell Hank about what trouble he's caused, and points out that's what he's going through. Bobby then takes a water gun filled with brown liquid and threatens to shoot them with it if they don't get on to him. His parents finally wise up and discipline Caleb, ending the problem once and for all.

Caleb was voiced by Paul Butcher, who was twelve years old at the time. Caleb's birth name is "Caleb John McDonald."

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