Blue Bonnet Creamery is an ice cream parlor located in Arlen. It was shown in the episode Get Your Freak Off where Hank and Peggy take Jordan's parents along with Bobby and Jordan. It is an old fashioned themed ice cream parlor with a piano inside which Bobby and Jordan were playing in.


Get Your Freak Off

In the episode Get Your Freak Off, Hank and Peggy takes Jordan's parents along with Bobby and Jordan after Peggy suggests to take them all out together. At the ice cream parlor, Bobby and Jordan were shown playing with the piano, with Jordan's parents saying that this places is so "uncool". Jordan's parents then try to avoid one of Jordan's friends parents when they walk in, and they ask them what they are doing at the ice cream parlor, with Hank responding they are chaperoning for Bobby and Jordan's date with her friends parents just saying they are just at the ice cream parlor to use the restroom.