Billy Sundae's is an ice cream parlor located in Arlen in a mall facility. It was shown in the episode Smoking and the Bandit, where Hank and Dale take Bobby and Joseph for ice cream. Its name is a play on that of William Ashley "Billy" Sunday, 1862-1935. After playing for major league baseball teams during the 1880s, he became born again and spent the rest of his life as a preacher and evangelist.


Smoking and the Bandit

In the episode Smoking and the Bandit, Hank and Dale take Bobby and Joseph for some ice cream. In the parking lot, Joseph and Bobby misbehaves in the parking lot which Hank disciplines Bobby which Bobby stops but Joseph doesn't which Hank also had to discipline after not listening to his father Dale. In the restaurant, Joseph starts goofing around by playing with the utensils, which Dale once again fails to discipline him. Then Dale lights up a cigarette where the server asks him to put it out, which Dale listens after seeing a sign in the restaurant about a city ordinance that has passed which prohibits smoking at the restaurant, and a fine can be applied.

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