Big Mountain Fudgecake was a heavy metal band consisting of John Redcorn (vocals), Lucky Kleinschmidt (lead guitar) and Elvin Mackelston (rhythm guitar). Dale was also their manager. The first mention of the band is when John Redcorn is seen passing out flyers for a show[1] in The Witches of East Arlen. They were desperate for gigs after being fired from being the house band at Maria's, despite playing for free. But they were not desperate enough to play when John Redcorn begged Hank Hill to let them perform at Strickland Propane Family Day; they booted Redcorn out of Fudgecake afterwards. Redcorn opened up his own tent-like building (sort of like his casino but for children) and played children songs leading him to being a huge hit. At the end of the episode the rest of Fudgecake, excluding Redcorn, played in a cage at a bar, while being hit with beer bottles.[2]



Big Mountain Fudgecake playing live

  • Though the band has no drummer, disembodied drum sounds can be heard when they play.


  1. The Witches of East Arlen
  2. Redcorn Gambles With His Future

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