Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do
Season 7, Episode 3
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Air date November 17, 2002
Written by Tom Saunders and Kell Cahoon
Directed by Kyounghee Lim and Boohwan Lim
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Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do is the 129th episode of King of the Hill. It originally aired on November 17, 2002.



Bobby becomes a science fair partner to Connie's criminally-minded cousin, Tid Pao who uses him to set up a meth lab.

Bobby plans to be Connie's science fair partner but he meets her cousin Tid Pao and takes a liking to her. Infatuated, he becomes her partner instead, thinking she's cool even though Connie warns him that she is trouble. Tid Pao is living with the Souphanousiphone's to hide from someone she stole drugs from in her hometown of Los Angeles. After she is settled in Arlen she comes up with a plan to manufacture more, using Bobby's liking for her against him to get him to do things for her such as buying cough syrup and stealing propane from Strickland Propane. She gets sizeable cash advance from a truck driver at a rest stop to help fund the meth lab, after telling the trucker a false story.

Bobby naively believes that Tid Pao is making candy. The day of the science fair comes and Bobby sets up their 'candy machine', Tid Pao leaves when she realizes that a uniformed Officer Soto is one of the judges. That is when Connie, who was partnered with Joseph, realizes that he is making drugs and informs Bobby, who becomes shocked and begins to panic. Bobby furiously struggles to wipe his name from a beaker and realizes his attempt to hide his connection to the drug manufacturing is futile. Bobby begs Connie for help and quickly apologizes for being stupid and not listening to her when she tried to warn Bobby that Tid Pao was a bad person. Connie destroys the evidence using Clark Peters' Potato Launcher and Bobby is safe.

Later, it shows Tid Pao was caught (most likely due to Connie and/or Bobby tipping their parents and/or the police about her crimes) and was sent by Khan to live at another uncle's farm in rural Wisconsin, having nowhere else to go (other than her Grandmother's in Laos, which according to her uncle, was where she would be sent next should she screw up again).



HANK: I can understand wanting propane so bad you could steal it, but to actually go through with it...

JOSEPH: You made sun tea for last year's science project.


  • In the original airing of the episode, when Tid Pao realizes that Bobby brought the drugs to school, she says "pig fucker." In the re-runs, she says "pig farmer."
  • The title is a spoof of the song "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle, which is used as the theme song for the TV show, COPS.


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Q-BAG (By Tid Pao)

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