Arlen Medical Plaza is a medical building in Arlen.


Hank's Back Story

In the episode Hank's Back Story, when Hank suffers from worsening back pain, Dr. Tate, an orthopedic physician at the medical plaza, diagnoses Hank with Diminished Gluteal Syndrome and writes him a prescription for a gluteal orthotic device.

After examining a few X-rays, Dr. Tate explains to Hank that he has a "compression of the discs in his lower back." and that for years he's "basically been sitting on his spine."

Next of Shin

In the episode Next of Shin, Peggy fails her 12th home pregnancy test, prompting her to mention Dr. Rajav Bhudamanjur, a fertility specialist to Hank. At first, Hank protests, as he would rather not be nude in front of a doctor. But Peggy informs him that the entire procedure can take place using an MRI machine and Hank reluctantly agrees before heading to the medical plaza with Peggy. Later, back at the medical plaza, Dr. Bhudamanjur informs Hank he suffers from a low sperm count. As heat kills sperm, the doctor recommends several techniques to lower Hank's body temperature. Hank follows the doctor's advice, but he soon suffers great embarrassment when more and more of his friends become aware of the situation.

Doggone Crazy

In the episode Doggone Crazy, when Lady Bird becomes frightened due to a thunderstorm, she unwittingly bites Hank, resulting in a hand injury that requires medical attention at the medical plaza. Hank is seen have bandages applied to his hand by a doctor who informs Hank that he's required by law to report Lady Bird to the authorities who'll be putting her on the "vicious dog list."

The doctor elaborates further, much to the dismay of Hank, that if Lady Bird bites anyone else, they'll then have no choice but to "kill her."