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Andy Maynard getting hit by donuts.

Andy Maynard is a fat, bratty, plus-size model of children's clothing.


Bobby admired Maynard's work, and Bobby was also glad that his own plus-size modeling work was akin to Andy's. However, Andy showed that he was unwilling to share the limelight with Bobby, and resenting Bobby's rising star in the husky boys' modeling field, going so far as to throw a tantrum when Bobby had been awarded the coveted first walk at a fashion show. When Hank forcibly removed Bobby from the fashion show, Andy grabbed Bobby's sailing hat and laughed at Bobby's embarrassment. Andy, however, suffered a barrage of donuts thrown at him, the other models, the organizers, and the audience as a result of the antics of Stuart Dooley and some local punks


During the episode, Andy was shown to be very childish and full of himself for his age, pushing Bobby's giftbag off of the make-up counter. He later told Bobby if he didn't want to get into trouble, he would have to go get Andy a brownie, before the show, he began to cry when he realized he wouldn't be the star of the show.